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Fulvadi ~ 250 Grams

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Fulvadi is a crispy, deep-fried and cylinder-shaped savoury snack made of besan and spices. Very popular in Gujarat, this jar snack can be enjoyed anytime!

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Our Story

It all started with exploring of various local cuisines by local chefs in town. Roots started with serving simple authentic traditional cuisines at the doorstep. The Story of Roots was inspired by the unexplored cuisines of Homes and supporting our ancestral ways of cooking food.
Despite the Odds we have managed to cater to over 700 + Orders with over 100 Customers. We hope to continue this journey with you. We currently located in Hubli, Karnataka. 
Roots is excited to announce that we have planned on expanding our services to not just serving authentic home cooked meals but supporting other local businesses and helping them expand local, nationally and later globally. Roots have always supported the notion of going back to our ways of doing business and what better way than supporting the community you are already in. 
Our Services Include: 
  1. Logistical Support - Whether you are a homemaker or a offline retailer who needs logistical support we are the perfect match when it comes to delivering your products and services to your customers.
  2. Marketing Support - It is hard when it comes to running your daily operations we make it easy for you to reach new market opportunities be it online or offline. 

Last but not least if your think our services are valuable to your business please feel free to get in touch and we will try our best to make you and your customers happy.